Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm An Idiot

Yes, here I am. Alive and well. And feeling like a complete idiot.

My blog is called Balancing Act Basics. And as much as I try to maintain balance in my life, it doesn't always work out.

May was an absolute killer month. The stress was unbearable. It was a good month, but busy, busy, busy! Between work and home activities, there wasn't room to do a lot else.

Chores? Only the absolute barely essentials were done, like dishes, socks & underwear. Let's just say that the house got a little nasty. I was truly embarrassed at the thought of any visitors coming. The whole family did manage to scrub the house clean before the end of the month arrived, and I'm much pleased with the results. We were even able to invite guests into our home for dinner!

Work has kept me extremely busy. We had a safety & environmental audit in the middle of the month, which turned out well. But I've been working 50-60 hours each week, even after the audit, trying to get caught up. We've been recruiting, interviewing, hiring, bringing on temps, and the business is doing very well. Lots to keep me & everyone else busy. Job security, right? :)

My son's baseball games were in full swing, and thankfully that's winding down. He's got one last baseball event, an end-of-season barbecue. It was supposed to be today but got postponed until next weekend. My daughter also had her first dance recital, and she did fabulous! She was so adorable in her ballet tutu, and she was even the line leader guiding all her classmates out onto the stage. Hubs has gotten back into the kitchen remodel phase, and built a new cabinet. Yesterday, he replaced the old kitchen window with a brand new one, and then he put down new formica on the new cabinet and one of the old cabinets. That's just a small sample of how life has gone in the Boren household.

There's just been A LOT going on, way too long a list to go into details. And unfortunately, because my time was so limited, I had to cut out a few activities, like cleaning the house, checking my email and Facebook, doing surveys & other points-earning opportunities, grocery shopping (seriously, I only went one time in the month of May and that was because we had run out of milk & bread), and sadly blogging, too. :( That's how busy we were!

Please, oh please, forgive me. June is looking much, much better as far as home activities go (far fewer!!). Work is just as busy as ever and no telling when things will balance out there. I'm hoping to have a better month that's not so stressful so I can get back into my usual routine, like posting recipes! :)