Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Balancing Act Changes

You know how you get so far behind doing something, that you subconsciously ignore it because it becomes too overwhelming to handle?

Like sweeping and mopping the floors. More often than not, I sweep then mop, and admire the shine of the floor surface and the fresh clean scent. And the next day, the floor's dirty again. So rather than clean up the dirty floor, I prefer to ignore it at least a few weeks, knowing that to clean the floor would again cause it to get dirty once again.

I guess that's how me and blogging have been lately. I've been really bumming with working super long hours the past two months. Within the last few weeks, I've been working 10-11 hour days, sometimes longer, without the luxury of a lunch break. I finally broke down and told my boss today that I need to get a company laptop so I can work from home in the evenings. Not the preferred choice for me, but a necessary thing so I can at least be at home with my family.

As much as I have wanted to blog, it's been soooo hard to get the motivation! I'm afraid to commit to it again, knowing how tied up work is keeping me. This has been weighing on my mind more than you might believe. I really miss blogging! But I'm trying to maximize the precious few minutes I have with my family each evening.

So I have to make some changes in the blog. No, I'm not quitting. (hooray!!) I've been weighing my options, debating and arguing with myself, adding to & crossing off my list of ideas. There have to be changes so I can keep my sanity and my commitment to my family.

I'm going to keep blogging really simple, posting recipes here and there, but probably not every day. I do have a freezer menu for July that I've been working from and I will I'll try to get it posted for you all.

I have a lot of friends in my area that constantly ask me, "How do you do it?" when it comes to grocery sales and deals. So I've set a goal to match the sales & coupon deals for the local grocery stores and post those in the blog. I'm hoping to have a weekly post for this, but again that will depend on how I'm able to balance work/family.

I really want to keep this blog going strong and stay in contact with all of my readers. It has certainly been a struggle for me to figure out how I'm going to do this. As much as I want to do a daily post, it is next to impossible given my work and family schedule at this time, so I have to keep things real.

All part of the Balancing Act! Thank you to each of you for your patience as I try to iron out all the kinks! :)


  1. Glad to hear from you agian. You've been missed!! Looking forward to your July menu that you created during your "off" time ha ha
    I wish I could help you with your hours at work as I was let go of my job of 5 years at the school district in May and am really feeling the penny pinch with no paycheck in July from June hours.

  2. That's awful! I'm so sorry to hear that. NC has let go and continues to let go more and more teachers. It's a real shame. I hope that I can help you pinch your pennies with some money-saving meals and shopping deals. :)