Thursday, September 26, 2013

Check Those Store Receipts For Accuracy #1

I've gotten into the habit of double-checking my store receipts, especially the grocery stores, after getting home & putting away my purchases.  I've been burned one too many times, usually NOT in my favor.  Whether I'm short-changed or realize I got to much change, an item's price rings up too high/too low, I always take the error back to the store for correction.

I've really taken a close look at all store each receipts the past 8 weeks ever since a new grocery store opened up in town.  I have shopped at this store 8 times over the 8-week period.  Of those 8 shopping trips, I've been overcharged 4 times, paying about $15 too much in total, which Customer Service refunded to me when I brought the issue to their attention.

This past Saturday, another grocery store inadvertently overcharged me for an item, which I discovered after getting home & checking my receipt.

The sale price of a 10-lb bag of potatoes was $3.29.

Unfortunately, the amount that I was charged was $3.99 (that's before the 2% food sales tax charged in my state).

I took the receipt & sales ad back to the store a few days later when I knew that I would be in the area.  It was only a refund of $0.71, so I wasn't in a big hurry to rush down there & spend gas unnecessary.  Thankfully, the store manager kindly & quickly refunded me the difference.

How about you?  Do you check your receipts? :)

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