Friday, September 27, 2013

Check Those Store Receipts For Accuracy #2

Yesterday, I mentioned how I check my store receipts for accuracy, and at one store, I've been overcharged 4 of the last 8 shopping trips.

The most recent mishap involved milk not ringing up at the advertised price.  It wasn't small change either, a difference of $1.42 per gallon, or $2.84 + NC 2% food sales tax.  That kind of overcharge hurts when you're on as tight a budget as we are!

I received an email about my e-vic savings for the sales period.  The sale on milk really stood out.  The advertised price was $2.57/gal.  (Please pardon the reddish-pink coloring on the screen shot above.  My printer was running out of ink!)  Note that it says "save at least $0.92 ea" next to the milk jug picture above.  This means the regular price per gallon was $3.49 -- I'll explain in further detail below why this is important to note.

The amount that I was charged was $3.99/gal -- not the sale price and not the regular price according to the e-vic savings email I received!

I took my receipt and e-vic savings email to Customer Service.  The CS Manager initially refunded me the $0.92/ea savings off the e-vic price vs. regular price that was on the e-vic savings email.  I kindly pointed out to her that I was charged $3.99 per gallon, not $3.49.  This time, she took a closer look at the receipt and agreed that I was due a slightly larger refund.

So, yes, it does pay to check your receipts.  Electronic systems save time & uncomplicate the process, but they are not fail-proof!

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