Sunday, October 6, 2013

TruMoo Milk: The Verdict

I recently posted that I was participating in a BzzCampaign for TruMoo milk and how skeptical I was about the value of the product.  I finally used the coupon that BzzAgent sent me and picked up a free gallon of TruMoo.  The store didn't have the new limited edition Halloween Vanilla milk flavor, so I opted for the traditional chocolate milk variety.

You got it -- free!  (One of the perks of being a BzzAgent!)

Ok, perhaps not completely free.  Just one of the non-perks of having a state food sales tax!
The verdict?  The kids were not only ecstatic about the fact that I bought TruMoo, they were in heaven with the taste.  My son doesn't usually drink milk, regardless of the flavor, and even he chugged back a tall glass.  The three of them finished off half the jug of milk within minutes.  My oldest daughter kept going on & on about how much she loved TruMoo.  She is a huge chocolate milk lover, so I wasn't surprised by her reaction.  My son's reaction definitely surprised me.  And even the littlest one surprised me by chugging down her chocolate milk in minutes versus hours.

And yes, even I indulged in a glass.  It is creamy and smooth and the perfect balance of chocolatey sweet goodness.

OK, I loved it.  It was so convenient to just pour it into a glass and drink it.  No need to stir in chocolate syrup and worry if I put in too much / too little.  I thought it might not be sweet enough.  Or chocolatey enough.  I was wrong.  It was the perfect balance.

Now comes the hard part.  Once this gallon is emptied, do I buy more in the future?

I bought this gallon on the 5th, and its "best by" date is 10/9, so 4 days to enjoy the best of its flavor.  I prefer to buy milk with a much longer window.  But given that 1/2 of it was gone so soon after getting home, it's likely to be completely gone in the next day or two.  So the date is a moot point.

Our grocery budget is REALLY tight. I was fortunate enough to get this gallon for free, but the regular price is $4.99.  That is really way out of our budget.  TruMoo offers a coupon when you register for updates and notifications when coupons are available.   That is a huge plus in my book.  I don't know if / how often TruMoo goes on sale, but if that were to happen combined with a coupon, then perhaps it would be worth purchasing, assuming the price were right (it would have to be around $3 or less for a gallon).

So I registered myself for updates & coupons.  I'll keep my eye open for coupons and match them up when the store puts TruMoo on sale, assuming it gets put on sale.  I don't anticipate buying it regularly.  At the very least, it would be a nice treat for the kids and healthier than cakes or cookies.

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