Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Night: Halloween

Our family has a weekly "Family Home Evening" in which we set aside time to do something as a family, usually on the same night each week but subject to change depending on the calendar. Sometimes we play games, sometimes we watch a movie. We try to do something different each time, and definitely try to do something that's going to involve the entire family.

This week, I was determined to get up the Halloween decorations. My kids had been eye-balling a gel cling I bought a few weeks ago, begging me to let them put it up on one of our windows. So I decided to do a little "multi-tasking" by incorporating the Halloween decorations into our family night.

So I grabbed the Halloween tote from the attic and the kids just went nuts once they saw me with it. For the first time ever, I let them handle the decorations! Gasp!! The rules regarding my holiday decorations have always been "hands off," something the kids are very familiar with.

But I made an exception this time.

I figured it was a chance worth taking.


Well, let's just say that nothing got broken, and the kids didn't lose any limbs. :) lol They thoroughly enjoyed pulling the decorations out of the tote and helping me place them around the room. And hubs and I enjoyed their enthusiasm and eagerness to help. It was a great family night and opportunity to strengthen our bond.

My son tried so hard to keep his eyes open!!

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