Saturday, March 15, 2014

Check Those Sales Receipts

It always pays to check your sales receipts.  On too many occasions, I have been over/under charged, a coupon did not get applied, an expected Catalina coupon did not print at the register, etc.  Issues don't happen with each shopping trip, but they can happen on occasion.  If you don't check your receipts, that's possibly money down your drain, or even an adverse impact against the store.

Last week, I purchased several Kraft products at Harris Teeter that were on special -- buy 10 get $5 instant savings.  I've had issues in the past with the instant savings and/or Catalina register couponns not applied or printed as expected, so I purchased my 10 Kraft items separately from the rest of my shopping trip.

Unfortunately, I did not receive the $5 instant savings, as you can see from this copy of my receipt:

I used several coupons that even doubled in value, all of which totalled $5 in savings; however, this was certain not the $5 instant savings that I expected.  Furthermore, the price of each product did not add up to the advertised price -- for instance, Miracle Whip should have been 2/$5 but was 2/$4.85; Capri Suns should have been 2/$3 but was $3.23.  Regardless, the combined total of all 10 items was $21 before $5 instant savings, which is what I expected if the items had rung up at the expected sale price.

After reviewing my purchases & receipt at home, I saw the numerous discrepancies.  At yesterday's Harris Teeter shopping trip, I took this receipt to Customer Service and spoke to the Customer Service Manager about the issue.  She was very friendly & polite -- not the first time I've worked with her on an issue, so she knows who I am and vice versa -- and after agreeing with me that I did not receive my $5 instant savings, she promptly refunded me $5.


It was that easy. 

See, it's always a good idea to check your receipts.  If they are wrong, take the issue to the store's customer service and politely explain where you believe the discrepancy lies.

On a positive note, if you have an EXCELLENT customer service experience, like a friendly, efficient, & proficient cashier, make sure you let your Customer Service Manager know about it!  They like to hear the good stuff, too. ;)

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