Monday, March 31, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: 3/31/14-4/6/14

Another week has come & gone!

Would you believe that we've had some bad luck around here?  Our truck got stuck in some mud last night (we've had a lot of recent rain and he had pulled over into some grass to let a neighbor pass him who was driving in the opposite direction down our dirt road; the ground was saturated like a sponge and he ended up stuck axle-deep!).  With help from my father-in-law and another neighbor, the truck was pulled out of the mud this morning.

Also yesterday, my oldest daughter complained about a sore throat and severe headache.  I took her to the doctor this morning and, yep, strep throat.  She is allergic to antibiotics in the Amoxicillin family and had to get a script for a more expensive kind...WAY more expensive kind.  The pharmacy tech was able to apply a discount card towards the cost, which helped some.

So even with a few strokes of bad luck, I am optimistic.  Good came out of it all.

Onto the menu!  As you may recall from last week, I am posting my menu plans a week behind.  This gives me the opportunity to post some of the recipes during the week as we try new meals and/or eat meals that previously did not have a recipe posted.  Hopefully, you'll be inspired to try some of these and enjoy them yourself!

Monday -- Reuben Sandwiches (using leftover corned beef & a slice of cheese served on rye bread), Tuscan Vegetable Medley, Sliced Mango & Kiwi
Tuesday -- Chicken Chili with crackers (I used a new recipe and it really did not come out well -- will NOT be making this version again and, therefore, no need to share the recipe!)
Wednesday -- Venison Stroganoff & Pretzel Bun Sandwiches, Broccoli with garlic, Wax Beans
Thursday - Poultry Seasoned MeatballsBaked Italian Bread With Herb Butter, Onion-Roasted Potatoes, Baked Carrots
Friday -- Hot Dog Supper & Potluck at church for our Cub Scout's Pinewood Derby.  I brought Boston Baked Beans and Bread Pudding
Saturday -- dinner at a friend's house
Sunday -- Meatballs & Gravy (mushroom gravy served over store-bought Italian meatballs), Fruit Salad, box of stuffing, leftover Boston Baked Beans.

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