Monday, March 31, 2014

Harris Teeter Produce Rewrap Deals: 3/29/14

I have increasingly grown to love the marked-down or rewrap produce section of Harris Teeter over the past few weeks.  So much so that I plan my shopping excursion to H.T. around the time that I know new rewrap produce will be on the racks -- typically around 10 am each day.  

Here's the rewrap produce that I snagged at my latest shopping trip:

Bananas -- 3.88 lbs, reg. $0.59/lb, reduced to $0.25/lb, paid $0.97 (hubs is in police academy and so we go through bananas like hot cakes to help prevent leg cramps due to the physical training he has to do, so I don't mind buying when they're a little ripe)
Green Onion -- Bag of 3 bunches, reg. $0.79 per bunch, paid $1 for all 3
Eggplant -- 1 lb 13 oz, reg. $1.99/lb, paid $0.50

I simply love finding bargains!!!

What are your recent great buys?  Please feel free to share a comment below! :D

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