Saturday, April 5, 2014

Check Those Sales Receipts!

Sometimes, I really wonder if it's just me.  It doesn't happen each week, but it does happen.  I am over/under charged.  The price that rings up at the register doesn't match the price in the weekly circular or the price on the shelf.  And it's not the same store over & over again.  It's happened at national stores, drug stores, discount stores, grocery stores, warehouse name it.

So again, I wonder, is it just me?

Do you check your receipts?  Have you been over/under charged?

How many of us go by our daily lives, make a purchase, and think, "wow, that was higher than I expected," and not think twice about it, never realizing that there was a mistake on the bill?

Yesterday was errand day.  The little one and I did our weekly shopping trip.  I decided to head to a nearby town to shop at a grocery store that I haven't been to in over a year.  While there, I swung by another grocery store.  It was at this 2nd store, while checking out, that the thought occurred to me that I needed to check my receipt before leaving so I wouldn't have to make a 2nd trip into this town later on, in case something was not accurate.

So as soon as the cashier handed me my receipt, I took a quick glance.  The price of the 1st item was wrong.

And the 2nd item was wrong.

And the 3rd, the 4th, the 5th...what in the world???

Of the 18 items that I had purchased, 12 of them were too high.  My MVP discount did not get applied correctly, so I was charged full retail.  I immediately alerted the cashier.  She looked at my receipt and insisted that it was correct because my MVP coupons were applied.  But she spoke to another cashier who looked at the receipt.  I showed her the prices listed on the circular and that they differed from the price on the receipt.

In turn, she grabbed the CSM.  Together, they fixed the issue, and I received a refund of $10.74.  With our tight family budget, that's not an amount to sneeze at!!

The moral of the story is this: take the time to check your receipts!  It just might save you some money. ;)

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