Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bargain Buy

I picked up a few bargains last weekend and this weekend that I thought I should share with you. I use a ton of coupons whenever I shop for groceries, but I try to make a point to also look for items--even if they're generic--that are really rock-bottom bargain prices that I just can't live without.

My kids jokingly call this store "CVS". I guess it's because of the initials. Or it could be because my daughter has some strange attachment to CVS and loves to go there.

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest whole wheat penne pasta--on sale 4/$5. It isn't every day that I find whole wheat pasta on sale, and it definitely isn't every day that I can find coupons for whole wheat pasta. Bought two boxes. Used 1-$1/2 manufacturer coupons (thanks, Money Saving Mom!). Total price $1.50 or $0.375 for four meals (I'll use just half a box for each meal).

Taco Bell Dinner Kit--on sale 1/$2. Used a $1/1 manufacturer coupon that my mother-in-law had given me. Total price $1. This dinner kit has 6 flour tortillas, 6 hard taco shells, all the seasonings, and a package of kool-aid mix. All I need to do is add a pound of ground beef and toppings and we'll be good to go. Quite an inexpensive meal (definitely cheaper than a night out at Taco Bell!).

Ground beef--family pack on sale for $1.38/lb. I bought 3.95lb, split it into enough for 4 meals, sealed them up in my food saver bags and forze them. Total price $5.42 or $1.355 per meal.

Hy-Top 24-pk plasticware--on sale 2/$1. Bought two boxes. These will be good for camping or to put in our 72-hour kits. Total price $1 or $0.25 per meal for our family of 4.

Not pictured: IGA fabric softener dryer sheets on sale 5/$5. Sale price was for both the 40pk and the 80pk. Bought two 80pks. Total price $2.


Dove deodorant twin packs--$3.99 each. The single sticks were $3.64 each, so the twin packs alone were a better deal. Used 2-$2.00 off manufacturer coupons (website says coupon is for Dove Visibly Smoothe but the printable does not specify just Visibly Smoothe) and stacked these with two $1/1 Target prints available here. Total price $1.98 or $0.495 per deodorant stick.

General Mills Cereal Cups--on sale for $0.95 each. Used 8 - $1 off Target printables (available here.) Total price $0 and got $0.40 overage to help offset the cost of tax. :)

Crayola 10pk Classic Colors markers--on sale for $1/box. Oddly enough, the 8pk of Crayola markers was $2.50. I think I'll take the 10pk! Bought 2 boxes. Total price $2; saved $3 in comparison to the cost of 2-8pk boxes. I couldn't even find a box of generic markers to compare prices with, but I still think that $1/box is a steal.

Food Lion
Not pictured, but I did pick up 3 gallons of Smart Option milk (1-1% and 2-2%) that were on Bonus Buy sale for $2.46 a gallon! Milk was over $3/gal everywhere else I looked.

And that, sweet sisters, are some great bargain buys!

Have you found any great bargains lately? Please feel free to leave a comment and share the great deals you found!

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