Monday, September 21, 2009

Bargain Buy

I didn't do any shopping this weekend since I was tied up in the kitchen all day Saturday making my freezer meals. However, hubs wanted to get some sausage and cheese blocks to make himself homemade sausage/egg/cheese sandwiches and had planned on going to the store anyways.

Food Lion was having an amazing sale on ham, and since hubswas going there to get his "supplies," I asked him to pick up a ham while he was out. The response: "I don't know how to pick out a ham." After giving him a look, I basically told him that he would manage just fine.

And here's what he came home with:

Quite a large ham! Over 8 lbs. The shanks were on sale for just 89 cents / pound! So instead of paying over $13, this ham cost only $7.21.

I didn't have plans to use the ham in my September freezer meals, not knowing there'd be a sale on ham when I made my menu. But I will add it to my October freezer meal plan once I get that figured up. I let the ham sit in the fridge until Sunday evening, when I finally had a break long enough to cut it up. With all the skin, fat, and large leg bone, I really thought I'd only get 3 meals. Instead, I was VERY pleased that there was enough meat for 4 meals! I probably could have--and maybe I should have done this--stretched the ham into 5 meals, but at just $1.80 each, I was okay with sticking to the 4 meals.

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