Sunday, September 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: 9/21-9/27

Another week is over and done with, and already a new week is upon us. I can hardly believe how quickly the time flies. It always seemed to drag when I was growing up. Not so as an adult! And now I'm having to plan my daughter's 3rd birthday party. Just a little over a month away and that day will be here. I love my kids and watching them grow--but at the same time I don't want them to grow! To quote the old cliche': they grow so fast! :)

Monday--Hamburger Steak w/Sweet Onion Mushroom Gravy, Celery Sticks, Cantaloupe, Crescent Rolls

Monday evenings have traditionally been our weekly "family night," which we call Family Home Evening. But now that our son's in Kindergarten and has homework every night (and our 2-yr-old daughter has also decided that she, too, needs to do her "homework") our Monday evenings are rather busy. So we've decided to move our F.H.E. nights to Sunday evenings, usually the least busy day of the week.

Tuesday--Creamy Chicken Italiano, Vegetable Ribbon Salad, Grapes
Hubs has a meeting at church this evening. He should be able to eat before leaving for the meeting.

Wednesday--Baby Back Bash Ribs, Fruit Salad, Squash

Thursday--Chicken in Creamy Pan Sauce, Garlic Green Beans, Watermelon

Friday--Hubs is on his own!
I'll be scrapbooking this evening, and since dinner is provided at the monthly crop, I won't plan a meal. Hubs will have the privilege of furing out what to do for him & the kids.

Saturday--Chicken and Squash (one pot dish)

Sunday--Veggie Burgers, Fruit Salad, Shoestring Fries
Our new night for our weekly family night!

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