Friday, April 24, 2009

Expired Grocery Coupons--Worth Saving!

I always feel a little upset at myself whenever I let a coupon go to waste. At least, that's what it feels like when I hang onto a coupon, hoping to one day use it, and then it expires before I get a chance to redeem it for some cents-off savings. I'm sure we've all felt that way a time or two.

The good news is that we don't have to let our expired coupons go to waste! For the cost of one envelope and a stamp, you can send your expired coupons to military families living overseas who can use the expired coupons at their base's commissary (or grocery store).

There are a few rules, however:
  1. Overseas military families can only use the coupons up to 6 months after the expiration date, so please don't send out anything that has been expired for that long.

  2. It could take a few weeks for your coupon package to reach its destination, so again be mindful of that 6-month postexpiration date.

  3. They can only use real manufacturer coupons, such as those clipped from newspaper inserts or off the product packaging. Unfortunately, they cannot use printed Internet coupons or store coupons such as Walgreens or Target.

Now that you know the rules, you can start sending out the coupons! Grocery Saving Tips has a list of overseas military mailing addresses. You can access the list by clicking here.


  1. Hey DeAna, I sent mine to the troops last month and got a letter back saying to wait about 6 months to send anymore because of the great response that they're getting!! I think it's great that there are so many great people trying to help the troops out :)

  2. With as much blogging about expired coupons as I've seen, it should be no surprise that the military is experiencing an overwhelming response. Do you remember which base you sent your coupons to? I wonder if one base is receiving more coupons than another.

    Thanks for the tip!


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