Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Green the Frugal Way

If you're anything like me (and chances are you just might be if you've subscribed to this blog! :) then you want to do what's best for our planet and our children's future. But, that often easier said than done. Especially when it comes to something like organic groceries.

It can get rather expensive to buy organic. And although I'm happy to report that our organic garden is getting off to a great start, I don't have anything other than a few seedlings. Definitely nothing that I can harvest at this time.

But there are some things that you can do now, especially with Earth Day just around the corner. They don't cost a lot and will take up very little of your time. In fact, they're free!

Earthbound Farms

  • Earthbound farms will be having a "How Did Your Garden Grow?" contest coming up in June. They want to hear how your organic garden is doing this Spring. If you submit a story about your garden, you'll be entered into their contest for a trip for two and VIP Visit & Farmer's Tour of their Farm Stand in Carmel Valley, CA! This includes air-fare, 2 nights' stay at the world-class Quail Lodge Resort and $500 spending money (cha-ching!!). That's just the grand prize. There will also be a first prize winner who will receive an Earthbound Farm gift basket, valued at $250, and twenty-three runners-up will win an autographed copy of Food to Live By: The Earthbound Farm Organic Cookbook. For more information, visit the "How Did Your Garden Grow?" page at Earthbound Farms by clicking here.

  • Earthbound Farms also has a "Take the Pledge" promotion. Each week in April, if you take a pledge to sustain yourself, sustain the planet, and you're one of the first 10,000 people each week to do this, you'll win an Earthbound Farm reusable shopping tote! Have you noticed that these reusable totes are really catching on lately?! What a great, and easy way to sustain our planet. Plus, you can receive it for free! To Take the Pledge, click here.

  • Don't forget coupons! If you take, and pass, the Earthbound Farm's Organic Farming Quiz, then you can win a $1 coupon by mail. Hint: to win, simply answer all the questions correctly. You can take the quiz over if you miss anything. There is a short tutorial, Organic 101, that will help you pass the quiz with flying colors. Click here for the Organic 101 tutorial, or click here to take the quiz. I'm pleased to announce that I did pass the little quiz. Not only did I receive my $1 coupon, I received several! I now receive a monthly newsletter that includes two coupons. And that's great in my book because, really, how often do you find coupons for produce??? I love being able to use the coupons to buy produce for my family that I know is healthy, and I can do it without breaking my budget.

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