Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Make Your Own Bug Juice

I know what you're thinking, "Why would I want to drink bug juice?" It's not what you're thinking, I promise! Spring is here, Summer is soon on its way. If you live in the South like me or anywhere that has bugs (BTW, I've heard that Idaho doesn't have bugs...? Maybe that's where I need to live) then you know that mosquitoes and ticks can wreck havoc on any picnic or outdoor funciton.
But using harsh chemicals, including those that contain DEET, aren't always safe, especially for children and infatns. However, there is hope! I'm not talking about Avon Skin So Soft. I'm talking about making your own mosquito repellent--bug juice! Instead, try a catnip/rice vinegar mixture to keep away those pesky critters.

Here's the recipe for zero bug success. It will take you 4 weeks to get the mixture "just right," so now's the time to start before Summer's bugs start buggin' you. :)

Catnip Mosquito Spritz--makes about 3 cups

2 cups catnip, stemmed
3-4 cups mild rice vinegar

Rinse herbs, roll lightly with a rolling pin, then place them in a clean quart jar and cover with vinegar. Seal jar and store in a dark cupboard for two weeks. Shake jar lightly every day or so for two weeks. Strain into a clean jar, seal and refrigerate for up to 6 months unused. To use, spritz on exposed skin and around outdoor dining area.

What, catnip? Why catnip? Well, research suggests that catnip makes an excellent mosquito repellent. Click here to read more about this research at Budget101, where I found the recipe for "bug juice."

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