Saturday, August 22, 2009

Organic Garden Update

Out of all the carrot seeds we planted this Spring, only two actually sprouted and started to grow. We've been preparing our garden for our Fall planting, pulling up the old cucumber, squash & zucchini plants that were past their prime. Our poor two carrot plants had been overtaken by our watermelon plant, so we decied to pull the carrots up as well. I had my fingers crossed that they were ready for harvest. After all, I planted them in March.

Ironically, they were the absolute tiniest carrots I've ever seen! All leaves and hardly any orange carrot root. Oh well! They sure smelled like a carrot though. :) We're gonna try again and plant another variety in our Fall garden. I did some research and found out that carrots are fairly hardy and perform better in lower temperatures (unlike our NC 95 degree-summer this year). They also need space and overcrowding (ahem, ahem, watermelon) can cause the carrot roots to not develop well.

So now that I've learned a couple new tips about growing carrots, we'll see how it goes in our Fall garden!

A couple useful sites about carrot garden are here at eHow and also here at The Gardener's Network.

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