Sunday, August 9, 2009

Target Register Coupons

Have you seen the new coupons at Target? That is, they are new for me. I've never heard of these register coupons before.

At my Target, which is a mini-Super Target (it has groceries but does not sell produce or fresh meat) I've received an in-store coupon at the register each of the last 3 weekends when I've gone shopping. The coupons happen to be for every-day items that I purchase anyways. As you can see in this scanned image, I got a coupon for cat litter and cheese. I also received a coupon for worcestershire sauce (not pictured). My first register coupon was completely unexpected, but I was really happy to receive it. Just like the Target print coupons online, you can "stack" the Target register coupons with a manufacturer coupon, which will definitely help you maximize your savings. Just one more reason why I'm loving Target more & more!


  1. I used to get these all of the time and I loved them. Then, we switched to using cash only and I noticed that I stopped getting them. I used my debit card there during the toy sale because I didn't have that much cash "on me" and one of them popped out. So, I guess that's how they keep track of you...I thought it was interesting.

  2. Well that is interesting. Funny thing is, I don't know if I've ever paid with cash at Target. I've always used my debit card. Maybe they've caught on that I'm buying grocery items and that's why I've been getting coupons. :)


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