Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tax Free Weekend: Coming to a State Near You!

It's tax free weekend! In North Carolina, beginning Friday, Aug. 7 through Sunday, Aug. 9, you can purchase clothes, computer & school supplies (up to a certain $ value) and it will only cost you the sticker price, not any sales tax.

I've tried to take advantage of tax free weekend, since I do have kids, and this year will not be an exception. I went ahead and bought school supplies last weekend. Even though they weren't tax free, I bought them because the sales prices were slashed so low. I didn't want to take the chance of the stores jacking the prices back up. Yeah, I'd save on the sales tax, but not really much saved in the end if the retail price wasn't so hot.

However, I will definitely be stocking up on school clothes for both kids. Our Little Man will be in Kindergarten this year (*gasp!*). I'm so proud of him, but at the same time it breaks my heart because he's growing up so quickly. Our Baby Girl will be in preschool, a milestone for her as well.

Although North Carolina, where I live, offers a tax free weekend, they don't make it a very big deal out here. When I lived in Texas, it was HUGE. I kid you not when I say that people had to park their cars along the interstate because the parking lot at the outlet mall in San Marcos was full! I haven't run across anything like that here in NC. Doesn't bother me none because I can still save some money!

Want to know if your state is participating in Tax Free Weekend this year? According to, these states are offering a tax free weekend:










New Mexico

New York

North Carolina click here for a list of exempt items during the tax free holiday


South Carolina




Washington, D.C.

West Virginia


  1. I sound just like you in that I purchased school supplies a while ago. I am using this weekend to buy clothes and shoes. If I can only get the kids to behave while we shop, I will be better off.

  2. Haha, I know how that is. I went by myself Friday evening, but took both kids Saturday morning. It was a little rough, but we all survived. I tried to get them involved by letting them pick out some of the outfits, they got to push their own shopping cart, and basically whatever it took to keep the peace. For the most part, it worked out, and I was happy to have them with me.


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