Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bargain Buy

It's been awhile since I've posted a recent Bargain Buy. At least, it feels that way to me. I've been so caught up in holiday activities and what-nots, that I really haven't paid a whole lot attention to the sales ads, printing coupons, and finding great deals.

But this past weekend, I managed to make a quick trip to a couple stores. I took a peak at the sales ads while my daughter was in dance class Saturday morning, and saw a few great buys that were worth stocking up on.


Walgreens had a coupon to buy canned mandarin oranges for 39 cents each, so I bought 4, same as the coupon maximum. My kids love these. I normally use fresh oranges since we often get them in our monthly Angel Food Ministries fruit & veggie box order. But the mandarin oranges are nice when I make a stir fry--they help keep the theme of the meal!

And there was also a coupon to buy envelopes for 49 cents each. I picked up 6 of them, same as the coupon maximum. These envelopes are perfect for mailing pictures of the kids to their great grandparents.

You won't believe where I went shopping next. Walmart. It's not my fault! (if you're new to the blog, Walmart and I had a "falling out" several months ago and I've gone out of my way to not shop there whenever possible ever since).

But the thing is, I had bought and wrapped all my husband's presents. And then he gave me this "list" of what he wanted for Christmas. Of course, nothing I had bought him was on his list. And I just couldn't ignore the puppy dog look in his eyes as he handed me his list.

He wanted some hunting items that he had seen at Walmart...so off I went. I didn't feel like trekking all over town, especially since a "quick" trip to Walmart, even if it was just to the hunting department, would have taken me an hour. (that store is too big for its own good!)

So I decided to do some price matching on some really good deals in the IGA sales ad. So the purchases below really aren't Walmart deals, but IGA deals...that justifies me going to Walmart, right?

IGA Deals Snagged at Walmart

IGA had cans of Swanson beef and chicken broth on sale for 39 cents each. What a steal!! I like making homemade chicken broth, but for this price, I simply could not pass it up. I bought 4 cans of beef broth, and 8 cans of chicken broth. It was, literally, all I could do to not buy more. After all, I needed to stick to my budget. Walmart's regular price was $0.89, so for 12 cans of broth, I saved $6 by having the cashier match IGA's sale price.

IGA also had Kraft salad dressings on sale for $2/$4. We were getting low on ranch dressing, and since this is hubs's favorite, I knew it was time to to stock up. Walmart's price was $2.42 each. I bought 4 bottles, price matched, and saved $1.68.

Finally, IGA had Kraft mayonnaise on sale for $1.98 each. I don't even remember the last time I saw it below that price. I can't remember Walmart's price, but it was well over $2. So again, I saved money. I just wish that I had looked at the label closer. I didn't realize that I had grabbed the "lime" mayonnaise. Lime? In mayonnaise? I hope it tastes good, and I hope hubs won't notice!

So that's it! How about you? Have you snagged any Bargain Buy deals yourself? Please feel free to share your story. You'll help inspire me to continue hunting for those can't-live-without deals!

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