Sunday, December 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday--12/7-12/13/09

I took the kids to the local art museum yesterday for a Wonderland Breakfast activity they were having for the community. The cost was relatively inexpensive. It wasn't hubs' idea of fun, so he stayed at home. The kids made Christmas necklaces and their own gingerbread houses that they got to take home. It was pretty serious business! Little Man and Little Miss had a good time working the icing onto the houses, adding marshmallows and candy canes...good times and good memories! We've got a couple more good memory-makers planned for this week. Keeping our fingers crossed that the weather and time will permit us to do them all. This year's holiday season has been going really great and stress-free (first time ever!). I owe it all to planning ahead and preparing in advance, something that OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday has definitely helped me learn!

Here's the menu for this week. I plan the menu based on the activities during the day or evening, using mostly meals that I've prepared in advance and stocked in the freezer. Recipes will be posted during the week, so check back for them. :)

Monday--Dinner out
We're going to see Christmas lights as an activity for our weekly Family Home Evening (family activity night). The place we go to has a little train ride that costs just a couple dollars per person, taking you throughout a field of lights. They sell hot chocolate as you wait for the train ride, and old-fashioned candy in a little country store. Santa even has a workshop set up so kids can tell him what they want for Christmas. My daughter has yet to get within 10 feet of Santa (she's very afraid of him) but she told me that she would stand next to Santa, but only if I hold her hand...we'll see if she's brave enough!

Tuesday--Calico Beans, Corn on the Cob, Tossed Salad, Oranges
We'll have salad a few times this week. Our garden is overflowing with various types of lettuce that are ready for picking. We've had a couple red leaf lettuces, but there's still a lot more to eat. The lettuces have done well in our Fall garden, but the nights are getting colder, so we better get them all eaten up before the weather really gets cold.

Wednesday--Chicken Fajita Crescent Braid, Sautee'd Cabbage, Celery & Carrots
Hubs has a meeting this evening. Hopefully, I'll have dinner ready before he heads out; otherwise, he'll eat when he gets back home.

Thursday--Pork Cooked in a Pickling Style, Sweet Potato Fries (we're going to give these a try to use up some sweet potatoes), Tossed Salad

Friday--Chicken Tacos, Pears & Apples
Our church will have a Christmas party this evening. We heard that, unlike previous years, they will not be serving dinner. And the activity that's planned may not be very kid friendly (a concert pianist is playing). It'd make a great date night for hubs and I, but we haven't quite decided if that's what we're going to do. If anything, we'll at least eat good and have a quiet night at home.

Saturday--Beef Stroganoff, Mashed Potatoes, Tossed Salad
We definitely have a lot going on this day! Little Miss has dance class in the morning, and immediately following, we'll head out to pick up our December Angel Food Ministries order. Normally, I'll make all my monthly freezer meals immediately after getting our monthly AFM order, but there's just too much going on, so I'll do the freezer meals the following Saturday (12/19). After getting home and putting away the AFM order, we'll go to the local pioneer village for a Christmas activity that afternoon. Then, we'll head to the downtown sector for the Christmas parade; both kids get to rid in a float! The parade was originally planned for yesterday, but was postponed due to some nasty weather conditions. After the parade, we'll warm up at home with our supper. And finally, hubs and I will have a date night and see A Christmas Carol at the local theatre. I think that's everything. Whew!!

Sunday--Minestrone Soup, Crackers
A nice way to end the week--a quiet evening at home!

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  1. At 15 and 18 my boys are too old for memory makers like that! :( I miss the fun times like that.

  2. I have fond memories of taking our "Little One" to crafting events.

    Your menu look delicious.


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