Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wok's For Dinner: Beef Stroganoff

I forgot to get a picture for tonight's meal. But since it wasn't homemade, I figured you would forgive me. We got a frozen beef stroganoff meal in our November Angel Food Ministries order, but I couldn't even tell my husband we were having "Beef Stroganoff" for supper tonight. He does not like my beef stroganoff. That is, he does not like it if I tell him we are having Beef Stroganoff. I've got about 5 different recipes, and the ground beef version is my favorite. But, it's not his mom's version, and although I have tried, I cannot duplicate her recipe. So whenever I make Beef Stroganoff, I have to call it something along the lines of Creamy Beef & Gravy or something so I can get away with it. And it doesn't matter which version of Beef Stroganoff I make, it all gets called something else. Oh well! At least this is the only recipe that my M-I-L beats me at. So far, hubs likes everything else I make better! lol

If you'd like to see the recipe I use for a ground beef version of Beef Stroganoff, click here.

Oh, and the verdict for tonight? Hubs loved it. I can't remember exactly what I called it when he asked me what we were having. But he had seconds and even gave me a thumbs' up. I feel like a parent who snuck vegetables in their kid's food. But what difference does it make? I got a thumb's up!

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