Wednesday, December 30, 2009

CVS Rocks!! The CVS Green Bag Tag

Many of you have heard about the new Green Bag Tags available at CVS. I finally picked one last night. I'm all about saving money like with the ECB's that CVS offers. I'm just sorry that I didn't get my green bag tag sooner! I just kept forgetting to get a tag every time I went to CVS. (My Mommy Brain has been in full force for a couple months now).

But I got one, halleluia! Each time I take a reusable bag to CVS for my purchases, the cashier will scan my green tag. And on the 4th visit, I'll earn an extra $1 ECB!

But that's not all!!!

The cashier last night said I don't even need to attach my green tag to a reusable bag. She suggested that I keep it in my purse or with my key chain. I can use it for small purchases like a 20oz soda or a bag of candy. So technically, I don't even need to bring in a reusable bag!!

Not that I make it a habit to go buy junk food at CVS.

Ok, I may have done that once or twice.

But anyhow, it's nice knowing that I can pick up one little item and say "no thanks" to the plastic CVS bag, and still get my green tag scanned to help me earn more ECBs (while helping the environment, too!). :)

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