Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Get More Bricks Coupons

Bricks coupons are FANTASTIC! Assuming, of course, that your store(s) accept them. There are 3 Wal-mart Supercenters within a 10-mile radius of my house, and all 3 refuse to accept Internet print coupons. But that's a story for another day.

Bricks coupons are great because you can usually print two of each coupon. Whether it's through, or Bricks coupons available directly on a manufacturer's product website, they often provide more cents-off and dollars-off than what I've seen in some of the newspaper coupon inserts. And since the grocery stores in my area, for the most part, do not double or triple coupons, I'm all about printing some Bricks coupons.

But did you know that, not only can you print up to 2 Bricks coupons, you can also receive a Bricks coupon in the mail? Not for every coupon, but for many you can. The trick to finding out if you can get one is easy.

For instance, you can print two $1/1 Morning Star Farms coupons here (thanks, Melissa!). However, today when I clicked on the "print coupons" button, I received a message to "install the coupon printer." Well, it's already installed on my PC, and even after clicking on the "install the coupon printer" button, I still receive the same message:

Not a problem. How so? I simply clicked on the "Help" link and was given the opportunity to request a coupon by mail (you can click here to receive your coupon by mail, too!).

Note that not all Bricks coupons will take you to the screen to request one by mail, nor will all coupons you can request by mail prompt you to "install the coupon printer." So whether or not you're able to print your Bricks coupon, it's worth clicking on the "Help" link just to see what happens.

By the way, I did print up two Morning Star Farms coupons about a week ago without the "install the coupon printer" error message. With the coupon I requested by mail today, that makes for three coupons, or triple the savings in my book. :)

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