Sunday, June 28, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: 6/29-7/5

Finally, it looks as though we will have a semi-quiet week! Here's what we are planning for our dinners after coordinating the meals with what's on the calendar.
Monday--Barbecued Sloppy Joes, Watermelon, Summer Squash, Pickles
This is our weekly Family Home Evening night. We'll be learning about forgiving.
Tuesday--Saucy Scalloped Potatoes, Broccoli, Veggie Tray
Wednesday--Asian Chicken Salad, White Flesh Peaches, Grilled Zucchini
Thursday--Chicken and Squash, Cucumbers
Friday--Burritos, Spanish Rice, Corn
We'll be heading to the Mall after dinner for the annual city 4th of July fireworks. I'm surprised that they're actually having the fireworks on the 3rd this year. They're always on the 4th, even if it's the middle of the week.
Saturday--Out for dinner! Going to hubs's aunt & uncle's house for 4th of July and dinner. We're supposed to bring chips.
Sunday--Chicken and Cheese Lasagna, Cucumber Salad
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