Sunday, June 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday--6/15-6/21

Another busy week for us to look forward to. I've left one day as an "out" knowing that it will be very unlikely that we'll be able to eat at home. Hopefully, I won't have to make too many adjustments to my menu. Just gotta be committed to stick with it. I've been SOOOO itching to eat out. Old habits die hard. We used to eat out every Friday night and most Saturday nights, too. So maybe I'll "scratch that itch" when we eat out this Friday evening. It'll probably be a quick drive thru meal, but it'll at least be something. :)

Monday--Pork (Turkey) Tenderloin w/Glazed Onions, Stuffed Zucchini
Our weekly Family Home Evening(FHE) night. Plus, the kids started Vacation Bible School (VBS), which meets in the evening, at their grandmother's church. I say kids, but it's really our son. Our daughter is a little too young to attend, even though she is potty-trained for the most part now. She could go to nursery, but when I tried to take her there Sunday evening, the first night of VBS, she refused to go. She wanted to go with her brother and cousins to their classes, but they wouldn't let her because of her age. So we'll see if she makes it on Monday evening. If not, she'll get to have FHE at home with me and her daddy.

Tuesday--Crunchy Baked Chicken, Corn on the Cob, Sliced Home-Grown Cucumbers, Grapes
Our son's last Tuesday night baseball game--hooray!!! He'll miss out on VBS, or at least most of it. If the game ends early enough, I'll take him to VBS and he'll get to experience the last 30 minutes or so.

Wednesday--Chicken Fajita Crescent Braid, Grilled Zucchini
Hubs has a meeting this evening, and of course there's VBS for the kiddo(s). We'll see if my daughter will have warmed up by this time at the idea of going.

Thursday--Shrimp & Italian Sausage Gumbo, White Rice, Sliced Home-Grown Cucumbers
Just VBS on Thursday.

VBS Commencement/Awards ceremony. I figure we'll just try to get a bite to eat beforehand.

Saturday--Steak & Vegetable Bake, Crescent Rolls
My Once a Month Mom freezer meal cooking day!! My daughter and I will pick up our Angel Food Ministries order in the morning. Our son has a double-header baseball game in the morning, and hubs is assistant coach, so I won't see them until lunchtime. No problem because my daughter and I will be busy in the kitchen preparing a month's worth of meals. :)

Sunday--Chicken & Cornbread Stuffing
Father's Day!

So, yeah, a busy week! Somewhere during everything that's going on, I'll finish up my grocery list and make a trip here and there picking up last-minute items as I prepare for my freezer meal cooking day. Definitely will be a challenge for me to stay "balanced" this week--good thing I'm up to it. :)

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