Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our Garden Visitor

We had an unexpected visitor outside our garden a couple nights ago. It was cute and fuzzy and simply adorable--to look at, that is! I've never seen a rabbit so close to our house. It's like it knows there are some delectable veggies and fruits growing in our garden. I'm ready to hop on to Lowe's, buy some chicken wire and strap it to our fence!! Rabbits are definitely cute, and we've seen a lot more of them the past few weeks. I'm just not too fond of the idea of them hopping along inside our garden (I think they've managed to swipe a few of our strawberries :/).

This picture doesn't do justice to how closethe rabbit was to the fence. He had hopped away several feet by the time we managed to get the camera.

I used the digital zoom option on my camera so we could see that it really is a rabbit with two long ears. He eventually scampered off waving his cotton white tail behind him.

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