Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bargain Buys & Bulk Meat Purchase

I swung by Food Lion this evening to take advantage of a couple last minute deals before the sale ends and the new sale week begins. I was shocked & very pleased to see an unadvertised sale for green onions--only $0.50 a bunch!

I also bought THE LARGEST beef roast I've ever bought in my life, over 5lbs! It was on sale for $1.87/lb, but this particular roast had been marked down to $1.68/lb. I think there's enough meat on this roast to last us a week! lol Seriously, though, I'll definitely get several meals out of this roast. My March freezer menu is already set, so I'll use this roast meat in my April freezer menu. I'll cut the meat into meal-size portions Wednesday night, then freeze it in some food saver bags. I'm estimating that I'll get about 6 meals out of this roast.

Naval oranges were also on sale, 8lbs for just $3.99! The oranges were huge and will make a great snack, or even a side dish, for the family. :)

I got both of these packages of sausage links at IGA this past weekend. The deal was too good not to mention--both packages were marked down to $0.89 each! I'll use one of these packages in the Sausage Crescents I plan on making for breakfast in the next month. And I'll save the 2nd package for a later date.

Have you snagged any bargains this week? Please feel free to share your bargain buys by posting a comment or link to your blog! :)


  1. Oh so yummy, a sausage cresant. Again, you have given me another idea to try,and what a great deal on that roast I see some shredded tacos in your future.

  2. Mmmm, shredded beef tacos, yum!

    The Sausage Crescents are simply "pigs in a blanket" breakfast style. Really easy to make and really simple to eat. Good finger food for little kids, too.


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