Monday, March 8, 2010

Time Out For Women

If there's one thing that I have trouble doing, it's taking time out for me. I've tried focusing on being a bit more feminine this year, wearing make-up more often, washing my face morning & night (I've never been good about washing off the make-up at night), painting my toenails, maintaining good posture...things like that.

But I am really, really bad about my wardrobe. I would rather buy clothes, shoes and toys for the kids, than to even replace a worn-out pair of shoes for myself. I'd rather wear that worn-out pair of shoes, knowing that the money I would need to spend to replace them, regardless of amount, could go towards something we need. Food. Bills. More clothes & shoes & toys for the kids (what can I say, I love them).

I finally decided to Take Time Out For Women--this particular woman, as a matter of fact. And I bought myself a pair of shoes.

And I love them. I didn't feel guilty whatsoever buying them. I planned ahead, preparing myself mentally for the purchase.

Seriously, I have a problem spending money on myself.

But as I mentioned, I planned for this purchase. I budgeted for it. I knew ahead of time that I wanted a new pair of shoes, and I prepared my mind mentally for the purchase. So there would be no guilt. No, "But I really should spend the money on _____ instead."

I came home with a smile on my face, and I wore my new shoes to church the next day.

I think that I can find a way to budget a second new pair of shoes, maybe a purchase a few weeks down the road. :)

How about you? Are you comfortable spending money on yourself, or do you feel guilty at the simplest purchase for yourself?


  1. Good for you. It's amazing a pair of shoes can be so liberating, they're cute too.

    I always feel guilty. I cannot remember the last piece of clothing (unmentionables included) that I bought for myself. Just about all of my clothes have been given to me by family for my b-day, Christmas, mom's day, etc. It would be nice to have a wardrobe that I picked out; to wear something I like, not what other people assume I like. Oh, how my style would change! :)

    I think it is time I followed your lead and go shopping...I'll tell my hubby that it was your idea.

  2. Cute shoes! And I'm right there with ya....I will budget to spend clothes for my family, but I struggle to spend money for myself...I did "buy" myself a new pair of tennis shoes using Amazon gift cards a few months ago since I'm training for a 5K and it was nice...

  3. LOL! The things us mommies do for our families and oh how we neglect our own selves!


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