Monday, March 29, 2010

March Freezer Cooking Day Recap

I had a great time cooking this past Saturday. I kind of cheated, though. I had cooked the chicken up as I bought it, so the chicken meat was already in the freezer. I didn't actually cook the chicken meals, just the meat. But it saved me a heap of time on my big freezer meal cooking day, and I finished in record time!

I still had plenty of main dishes to work with, though. The meat, of course, has been in the freezer, so to thaw it, I put it on a cardboard box or garbage bag on the kitchen floor. It's not the prettiest site, but it works for me, and catches any condensation. I put a couple bags of pork chops in the fridge to thaw in there, though. I was in need of a couple ingredients and figured I'd pick them up after the kids went to bed and finish these chops on Sunday evening.
By the end of my freezer cooking day, my freezer was pretty packed with meals for the next month, plus. I think that I can fit a few things in there still, what do you think? :)


  1. Nice! You pack a lot in that tiny space!

  2. Thanks, Connie. Would you believe that since then I've bought two chicken fryers (sliced in half) and also managed to squeeze them in the freezer, too? It's tight, but it's full!


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