Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bargain Buys: A Week of Groceries Under $26!!

I admit it. I am an impulse shopper. I have a hard time sticking to a list, especially when I see something priced so low that I just can't live without it. On top of that, I've been stockpiling stuff like the dickens, buying things on top of what we really do need.

So budgeting groceries has been a difficult task for me. I've definitely cut back compared to a year ago. I think I used to spend about $500-$600 each month on groceries. I now average about $300/month, even with stockpiling. But my mind tells me "that's not good enough." I know I can do better.

I know that I can "just say 'no'". If it truly is too good to pass up, then I say go for it. But quite often I do find myself buying things that are a good deal, but if I held out, I could find a better deal.

This week, I determined to do better and stick to the list and only the list. Whether it was a staple like bread or milk, or something that was priced so low it was worth stocking up. I shopped with a purpose. I put things back on the shelf. I used my calculator.

I think my friend Melissa would be proud of me.

So how did I do, you wonder? I came in under $26!!!

And after evaluating my purchases, I had a week's worth of food. The last time I spent that little on groceries, it was about 10 years ago, back when I budgeted $25 for just myself every two weeks for groceries.

Target: Little Debbie Easter Cakes $1.50, UP &UP Paper Towels (not pictured) $3.29, Kashi Heart to Heart cereal FREE (used a coupon for 1 free box); Save-A-Lot: 3lb bag Golden Delicious Apples $2.49, 2.58lb Bananas $.86 (on sale for $.33/lb), 4 lbs Carolina Turkey brand ground turkey $4 (regular price $1.29 ea), 3 pkgs Fairgrounds hot dogs $1.50, 4 cans Spaghettios $2; Food Lion: Smart Option bread $.77 (would have bought more loaves but there just isn't room in the house or freezer), 5lb bag potatoes $.99, Food Lion brand 61-70ct raw shrimp $3.99, 2 pkgs Tastee Choice salad shrimp $1.50, Smart Option gallon milk $2.55. Grand Total $25.44!!

8-D This is me with a big smile on my face.


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