Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To-Do Tuesday: Week 9

I'm in one of those "moods." You know...where nothing seems to go your way, so you just want to hang it up and call it a week. Bring on Friday! I can't seem to get diddly squat done, and the little diddly I manage to diddle up was diddly done much later than I wanted to get it diddly done. Argh! Ok, now I feel like a silly pirate. Sheesh!

But this is a new week, and new tasks need accomplished. So here goes this week's list! :)
  • √Register Little Miss for next year's preschool class.
  • √Put out Easter decorations, and let the kids help out. This was on last week's To-Do list, and I had scheduled it for our Family Home Evening night last night. But, once again, hubs & the kids had other plans. They were good plans--we planted the kids' marigold seeds in their little Veggie Tales greenhouses we bought them, and we also planted another 200 or so seeds in the Jiffy Pots.
  • √Dust/vacuum. This chore would have gotten done if I could have done the Easter decorations, too.
  • Super clean the bathroom.
  • √Go over tax forms that husband completed, and get both federal & state filed so we can get our refund. Although, I've heard that NC is WAY behind paying out state refunds.

As for last week, I did manage to read a chapter out of my personal reading, and I did create my freezer menu for this month, hooray! (Menu forthcoming in a separate post.) I've tossed out the task to till up & expand the garden. We've decided to just leave the garden size "as is" for now, and won't bother tilling up anything until it's time to plant the Jiffy pots. Assuming we don't get blasted with another snow storm, we'll be welcoming the last frost day next week (yes!) and Spring the week after (yes, yes!). Thankfully, there's plenty to look forward to!

How about you? Are you accomplishing all the little tasks on your own To-Do List?

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  1. Here I am, trying to play catch-up on everything since my life has not been my own in the past week or so, and as I'm reading your post (a week late, no less) I get a comment from you, a hopeful, positive, wonderful comment. One that helps allay my fears. Thank you so much for your support, your wisdom, your kindness and for YOUR WORDS. I had planned to write and thank you tomorrow, when I had more time, but I simply had to say it now. Thank you from the bottom of my worrisome heart.

  2. Thank you, Lisa, and you are awesome!! I'm uplifted and inspired reading your posts--as a parent, a procrastinator turned wanna-be super organized & efficient mama. And especially with my goal to get in shape. Keep it up and thank you for your comments each week!


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