Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garden Buddies

It all started a couple weeks ago. We were with friends, talking about gardening. Last year was a first gardening experience for both of our families, and we were comparing notes about how things went and what we want to do differently.

We jokingly commented about working in each other's gardens. Then had an epiphany--helping each other out by working in each other's gardens was a perfect idea!

Hubs and I had gotten a jump start on our garden this year, planting seeds in Jiffy pots, which were growing like crazy already. So we agreed to start our garden first, and scheduled a helping day at our friends' house a couple weeks out.

Today was a bright, warm, glorious first day of Spring day, perfect for garden work! Hubs decided after all to expand our garden size, actually tripling the size of our garden from just under 500sq ft to 1500 sq ft, actually larger than our house. You can see in the picture below where the original garden is, with our cabbage and the rest of the broccoli growing.

Our wonderful friends showed up shortly after lunch, and we were soon working the shovels and tearing up the tough ground. There were a lot of tree roots, which slowed down our progress. But we managed to get a good section of the ground dug up, and grass, weed & tree roots pulled out and thrown into a pile to be sent to compost.

The kids for both families liked helping us relocate the earthworms we found as we were digging up roots, but other than that, they enjoyed each other's company and had fun playing. Occasionally, one or two would come and help throw roots into the pile. Our friends' oldest is 12 and he even helped work the shovel for a spell.

Ah, nothing like a hard day's work. And two men "sleeping" on the job while the womenfolk are still pulling up grass, weed & tree roots! lol

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