Friday, April 2, 2010

Gardening Blues

Note to self: Make sure you water your transplants frequently if you're going to keep them outdoors!

My husand has been watering our seedings quite frequently, so I really didn't bother to check their soil level every day, thinking he was doing that.

I took a look at them this afternoon and about had a panic. The soil was dry as a bone, and the plants were shriveling up!

My poor little lettuce leaves...I don't think they'll make it. :(

My husband last watered them Tuesday, but we've been so busy this week, that neither of us have had much time to devote to something as simple as checking in on all these little guys until this afternoon. Hubs watered them , but the soil was so dry that the water simply had evaporated by the time I looked in on them about an hour later. I watered them as well and gave myself a swift kick in the rear for not being diligent about checking on these at least yesterday or the day before.

Thank goodness for stores who sell transplants! Looks like I might have to go do some shopping! :)

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