Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To-Do Tuesday: Week 14 And A Bit Of Remembrance

There's a whole lot of things that I know need to get done this week, but there's so much on the calendar and we are absolutely insanely busy, so I'm going to try to keep things simple. Simple. A word that is easier said than done.
  • Put away Easter decorations
  • √Revamp/reorganize the kids' room. Box up toys/books/clothes that can get sold to the local "gently used" children's store or taken to Good Will.
  • Dust/vacuum
  • Read another chapter out of personal reading book. Been a few weeks now since I've had even a moment to even *think* about doing this.
  • Take dog to the pound. I haven't had a chance to do this particular unpleasant task.

What's really sad is that the kids found our cat Britnee a couple days ago. She had disappeared a couple months ago when our dog started her habitual escaping from the fenced-in part of the yard to chase & kill stray cats. We thought Britnee, our outside cat (we had to kick her outside last year after she peed & pooped in our bed) was one of the victims, but we never had any proof. The dog has not escaped in about a week. And then a couple days ago, the kids were exploring around the yard, and right at the treeline they found our Britnee.

Except she was not alive. We were able to confirm that it was, indeed, our Britnee. Not only did the fur color, length & texture match, she was also wearing the same collar that she had on when she disappeared. It was an emotional day, though. Not only had our cat come back home, she had also died just 20 yards from the house.

It was easier before, not knowing what happened to her. But this time was different. We don't know exactly how she died...my husband doesn't think it was our dog because it had been several days since her last great escape. Who knows. The kids were deeply saddened, though.

We buried Britnee in a spot of leaves in front of a tree where she used to curl up and sleep. Hubs made a cross-shaped tombstone. My little 3 1/2 yr-old insisted that Britnee would be all alone in her grave, and then through her tears, she insisted that it was a different Britnee. She took this rather poignant picture of the grave...I thought as I first saw this picture that my little girl is a budding photographer, a bittersweet thought, to say the least.

To help the kids cope, we put a picture of Britnee on the dresser next to their bed, and allowed our other cat, Ginger (who is an inside only cat) to sleep with the kids that first night. But since we still don't know 100% what happened to Britnee, and since our dog has gone wild with chasing stray cats, what we do know is that The. Dog. Has. To. Go. Period. My husband refuses to do it (he's too emotionally attached) which leaves me to be the bad guy and do the bad chore. I think this is the weekend that I'll have to do the dirty deed that we've been putting off.

How is your To-Do List going? I did manage to check off most of last week's list. My son had a great & fantastic 6th birthday & party. Did you see the pic of me flat on my badunkadunk? Oh, and I did get to commemorate one year of Balancing Act Basics!

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  1. Very nice photo your daughter took! What kind of dog is it? If it's a kind (even a mix of mostly something) that has a rescue organization for the breed, maybe you can contact them. They work very hard to find a great home, whereas at the pound his odds may not be so good. We got our dog from German Shepherd Rescue, and were very impressed with their caring for the dogs--ours lived in a foster home for a couple weeks before we got him. Kerry D.

  2. Kerry, great idea! I'm not sure if there are any rescue organizations nearby, but certainly worth looking into. This particular dog is a run-of-the-mill mutt, some German Shepherd mixed with Chow-Chow and Black Lab. She's kind of funny-looking but very loving and very good with the kids. But with the fence jumping and cat killing, I'm a little uncomfortable with the thought of her moving into another fenced-in yard or neighborhood with cats. Her bad habits are difficulty to break, and perish the thought of another family going through it.

    I still haven't taken her to the pound. Kind of putting it off. She hasn't escaped in over a week. My hubs actually put a piece of plywood over the corner of the fence where she was escaping, and so far it's actually working. The kids love her so much, so it's hard to let her go, even with all the problems we've had. Like we just don't want to give up on her...not yet, at least. ya know?

  3. I might wait and see how the kids do, losing 2 pets in a week might be a bit much for their hearts. Poor kitty & family, though :(

    I'm sorry I'm so behind. I hate being behind. Although I'm dreading hubby leaving, I think I'll have more time to catch up in the evenings, since he won't be here to keep me company.

  4. I know the feeling. I tend to get more accomplished when it's just me & the kids in the evening. I can put them to bed early and work on things that need to get done without my husband distracting me. Don't worry about being behind--it happens. :)


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