Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: 4/19-4/25/10

Both of my kiddos have been sick this weekend. It's been a long time since either of them were ill. I even thought to myself recently, "Wow, I'm so lucky because my kids hardly ever get sick." Sure enough, no sooner did that thought pass, and both kids wind up with fevers and coughing spells. My daughter is fairing better than her older brother, who is a miserable sick patient, to say the least (coughing, complaining, whining, and high maintenance). My daughter is a much quieter sickly, preferring to just lay on the couch and do little more than blink. My son got sick first, and his fever has passed, but my little girl is still running a fever. I didn't get as much accomplished this past weekend, dealing with sick kiddos. So I missed out posting my menu plan on Sunday evening like I normally do. Better late than never, right?

Here's the plan for this week. We're just as busy as ever. I've tried to plan meals that are already prepared as a freezer meal, or will be very quick to put together. Recipes will continue to be posted throughout the week.

Monday--Crispy Mustard Pork Chops, Sliced Apples, Ants on a Log
Mondays are usually our "Family Home Evening" or FHE night, where we have a special family activity and spiritual thought. That's kind of gotten thrown out of whack due to baseball season. Not only is my son playing ball, my husband is also coaching. My son was too sick to play tonight, but I heard from hubs that they won the game, and the county sheriff--who oddly enough is sponsoring the Enforcers, my son's team--was there and took pics with the kids. And all of the kids were there. Except my sick little boy. :( Perhaps the sheriff will show up at the next game.

Tuesday--Barbecue Chicken, Cantaloupe, Corn
Nothing special about this meal--just cooked, shredded chicken mixed with barbecue sauce. Hubs gets to play "Meals on Wheels," preparing dinner and bringing it to me after work so I can eat on my way to a meeting at church.

Wednesday--Moroccan Pork Chops, Green Beans, Oranges
The menfolk have baseball practice this evening.

Thursday--Sausage Zucchini Skillet, White Rice, Carrot Sticks
Another ball game. Hopefully my son will be feeling better by then so he'll get to play.

Friday--Hubs & the kids are on their own
I'm going scrapbooking for a Relay For Life fundraiser immediately after work until late at night. They are serving dinner, so I don't have to worry about dinner for the family. That's up to my husband to decide (knowing him, they'll probably eat hot dogs or macaroni & cheese--or both! lol)

Saturday--Baby Back Bash Ribs, Mixed Veggies, Beans
I'll be spending the better part of the day at the scrapbooking fundraiser again. I'm excited because, not only will I be supporting a good cause, I'll also be working on a favorite pasttime and activity--scrapbooking!

Breakfast: Cranberry-Orange Muffins
Dinner: Lasagna Roll-Ups, Broccoli
I was going to make both these muffins and the roll-ups last Sunday for dinner, but I didn't have enough flour to make muffins, and I was too caught up cleaning and organizing the kids' room to have any time to devote to cooking and rolling lasagna noodles. So we'll just try them out this week instead.

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  1. Oh, was a little shocked that you were cleaning and organizing on the Sabbath ???? This is the day for family and just spending time together. I'm surprised that this is a day for you to work???

  2. Sheila, I appreciate your comment. I work full-time M-F, that is my work. I usually run errands all day on Saturdays, so for me, it's difficult to find time to clean. Sometime, Sunday is the only day I can do special projects like organize the kids' room. And when it happens, we usually do it together a family, so no one person bears the burden, and we spend time together, too. Plus, I don't find cleaning to be "work" for me. I actually like it and find it relaxing when I get a chance to do it.


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