Thursday, April 1, 2010

To-Do Tuesday: Week 12

Yes, I know that it is Thursday. It's just been one of those weeks. You know. The kind of week that just makes you want to pull your hair out because there is just too much going on and no way it will all get accomplished. It's frustrating knowing that I have no control. I'm trying to take things one day at a time, but...I really want my life back. One day things will quiet down again, right? Maybe? Let's just say that I won't hold my breath, but I will try to stay sane! :)

The good news is that I did create this week's To Do List, and I've even managed to cross things off. I just didn't have the opportunity to type it up and post it. *sigh* Like I said, I've been busy.
  • √Decorate Easter eggs. √Call hubs' aunt & uncle and let them know we will not be able to go to their house for Easter this year. √Buy stickers for the kids' Easter parties, and stuff plastic easter eggs with stickers. √Make snacks for the kids' Easter parties--jigglers for Little Miss, and Banana Muffins for Little Man.
  • √Pick up completed physical form from pediatrician's office in preparation of registering son for 1st grade. We were able to keep him at the preschool he went to last year and registered him for the Kindergarten program there due to a scholarship he got. Having him go there, plus our daughter go to the same school for preschool was WAY cheaper than day care full-time for just our daughter, even if we didnt' have the scholarship. But they stop at the Kindergarten level, so we'll need to register our boy for 1st grade in the public school system. I'd quit my job and home school him if it were feasible, but then we'd be living in the car on the street, and I'm not exactly keen on that! :)
  • √Prepare and √teach lesson/activity for this week's Young Women's activity. The Young Women are the youth-aged girls at my church, and I am responsible for the activity if we have a 5th Tuesday in the month.
  • √Buy a gift for a birthday party our son was invited to. Wrap the gift, or at least √ put it in a bag to make it look presentable.√
  • √Enjoy a 3-day weekend off from work--halleluia!--and at least try to sleep in 'til 7am each day. *fingers & toes crossed on this one!!*
  • Return a recent favor and help some friends with their garden.
  • Super clean the bathroom. Sweep/mop floors. They've gotten filthy, thanks in part to work my husband has been doing out in the garden. Good work; dirty shoes and hands!
  • √Book the Skateland for son's birthday party. He finally decided that yes, he does want a party at the skating rink after all. √Buy invitations for the party, write up all the party information, and √distribute to son's friends and family.
  • √Go to son's baseball practice to support him. Hubs was kinda' sorta' guilted into becoming the head coach for the Dixie Youth Coach Pitching team our son will be on this year. It's the 2nd year our son will be on a coach pitch team, but the first year he'll be playing Dixie Youth, and the first year Hubs will be coaching. And there will be 2-3 games each week. Things are just getting started, and the season will really kick into gear after Spring Break is over. Say good-bye to free nights & weekends!
  • REMAIN CALM, COOL AND COLLECTED! Ok, this one is not going so well. Perhaps I appear so on the outside, but on the inside...I'm screaming in defeat! Deep breath, deep breath.
I know there's more that needs to get done, but I'm going to stop there for now. This is one long little list. Thankfully, I managed to get everything done last week.

How are your own To Do Lists going? Managed to accomplish everything this week? Or are you struggling with finding time enough to breathe like me? :)

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  1. Look at you! Checky McCheckerson with your list 'n stuff!

    I know, that's how I felt, knowing I had a list but no time to sit and write it (that and I was so busy, I didn't even know what freakin' day it was LOL)

  2. Happens to the best of us, haha!

  3. Cute blog!

    Now following!


  4. I see you ended up doing quite wonderfully this week :) Are things slowing down for you I hope?

  5. Slowing down? Heavens, no! lol But, I had such a great weekend and was able to do a lot of relaxing. I'm not nearly as stressed as I had been, thank goodness!

    Welcome to the blog! Glad to have you!! :)


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