Thursday, May 7, 2009

Craftastic Ways to Celebrate Mom

Some fantastic craft ideas for Mother's Day below. Personally, I'd rather have a gift from the heart, instead of a store-bought trinket. Now I'm not saying you should specify to your kids what crafts to make for you! But perhaps these ideas would make a good "hint, hint" for your hubby to have the kids do for you. ;)
Surprise Mom with this special flower card
Tuck a present inside a no-sew purse
Forget diamonds! Give her a flower bracelet.
Make a heart necklace to match any outfit
Write a book that's all about Mom
Doesn't every mom need a coupon book?
From Kaboose Crafts:
A photo bouquet of flowers that will never die
Something for your fridge: a family portrait
This keychain says it all, "Mom's the best"
Don't throw out that milk jug! Turn it into a pretty and useful flower pot
A recipe box great for family favorites has a list of 10 ways to make some Mom's Day memories here.
Danielle's Place has free Mother's Day craft activities, too, such as window clings, cupcakes, poems, checkbook holder, and cards. Click here for the list and instructions for each craft.
If I forget to tell you later, then let me just go ahead & tell you now. Happy Mother's Day!

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