Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Know You're Too Busy When...'ve got something going on 6 out of 7 evenings! Sunday--a baptism at church. Monday--Memorial Day, the beach trip, and dinner with family. Tuesday--ball game. Wednesday--birthday party at home. Thursday--women's activity at church. Friday--scrapbooking night (which I completely forgot about until tonight when my sister-in-law called and reminded me. Saturday--so far, thankfully, NOTHING! Finally, a break. And we only have 2 kids!

So I will, once again, need to make adjustments to the menu for this week. Tacos Friday night will become Tacos Saturday night, and Saturday night's meal will become Sunday night's meal, and so forth. Hubs will be on his own for dinner Friday night since I will be scrapbooking, and they'll have a meal provided. Hmmm, I wonder what hubs will make...probably something like mac 'n cheese and hot dogs!

What about you blogosphere sisters out there? What does your husband serve for breakfast/lunch/dinner when you are not around?

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