Saturday, July 4, 2009

Coming Soon... July once a month freezer meal menu and a coupon giveaway!

I've procrastinated making a menu for my July freezer meal cooking day. It feels like I just went through all that--planning a menu, buying meal ingredients in advance, cooking everything up. So I haven't been too thrilled at going through the whole process again so soon. Until now. I'm kicking my tail in gear, and I'll post my menu within the next few days.

Also--and this is the best part--I'll be having another coupon giveaway! I haven't worked out all the details, or even decided which coupons to give away. I did a huge grocery shopping trip this morning. I used a whole lotta coupons, but I still have way too many! I'll never be able to use them all, and so I will pass the savings on to you. That is, to at least one lucky reader.

So be on the lookout for these upcoming, exciting events! I know you are just hanging onto your seat in anticipation!! ;)

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