Sunday, July 19, 2009

July Freezer Meal Extravaganza Recap

Well, another month's-worth of freezer meals was over and done with, which meant it was time to whip up another month of meals. After the kids and I picked up our July Angel Food Ministries order on Saturday morning, I hit the kitchen hard and spent the better part of the day and evening making over 20 freezer meals. I had a much better experience than June's freezer meal day. Definitely a lot less stress. Hubs was a little better at keeping the kids occupied and distracted, which helped me stay focused and productive in the kitchen. And I'm so happy that I got all my meals made! For a list of my freezer meal and non-freezer meals for July, click here.
Some highlights from the day:
First of all, here's what I got in my order from Angel Food Ministries. For reasons as to why I order from Angel Food Ministries, please click here.

1 regular box - $30 - New York strip Steaks (4x6oz), boneless pork roast, lean ground beef, chicken breast fajitas, chicken stir-fry skillet meal (all-white chicken, lo mein noodles, vegetables & gourmet teriyaki sauce), deli sliced ham, chunk light tuna in water, pasta sauce, pasta, frozen sliced carrots, white corn tortillas, 4ct large baking potatoes, fajita veggie kit (red bell pepper, green bell pepper, yellow onion), celery, 2% shelf stable milk (great for food storage, and it tastes great), apple pie

1 fresh fruit and veggie box - $22 - red seedless watermelon, red seedless grapes, 1.5lb bag of plums, cantaloupe, 3lb bag of Granny Smith apples, 3 large limes, 4 ears super sweet white corn, iceberg lettuce, 3lb bag potatoes, carrots, 2lb bag yellow onions, 5 garlic bulbs

1 box gourmet flavored chicken breast fillets - $20 - 4x6oz of each: Italian, Lemon Pepper and Honey Mustard

Here are some of the pictures from my freezer meal cooking "extravaganza." I wish that I had taken more, but I got so caught up in cooking that I simply forgot.

Cooking up some glazed onions. It smelled soooooo good!

Some chicken strips and homemade salsa for Southwestern Chicken Fajitas. For the salsa, I used a juicy red ripe tomato and green bell pepper from my garden, plus an onion (not from the garden). Chopped it all up and threw it in the skillet with the chicken. I'm not into spicy food, so I omitted any jalapenos or chili powder or anything of that nature.

Some Grilled Citrus Chicken. The recipe for this meal sounded good, but the marinade smelled weird. It's not very often that I use oranges in my cooking, so it was a very unfamiliar smell. After grilling up the chicken, I ate a little bitty piece and it tasted scrumptuous! Way better than I anticipated. I'll be eating it up for dinner Wednesday night.

Old World Manicotti, sans cheese, one of my husband's favorite dishes. It's been two years or longer since I last made this. Kind of like lasagna, it is rather time-consuming to make it. But so worth the effort!
I used lots of different methods for cooking up my freezer meals -- 3 meals were in a Crock-Pot, 2 meals were on the grill, several meals were baked, a coupon were done in a saucepan, but most were prepared in one of my skillets. I had three of them going at one time. It helped being able to use different methods of cooking. And really, I am super excited about my menu this month! I can't wait to give everything a try!


  1. I have the Old World Manicotti recipe that I got from you a long time ago and we make it often. How do you make it without cheese, though??

  2. I think it's brilliant that you do this. Do you have a big spare freezer that you put all these meals in? How long does it usually take you to do all the cooking, and the cleaning up afterwards?


  3. That is great! I will have to get organized and try sometime.

  4. Thanks for the comments & questions. I'll write up a post to answer your questions. (otherwise this comment will get really, really long!).


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