Monday, November 23, 2009

Bargain Buy

I did some shopping this past Saturday. The deals out there were just too good to be true, and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do some stockpiling. Makes me wish it were Thanksgiving every week, so the sales will always be great!

Here are some highlights:


My kids love the breadsticks & cheese at Walgreens. They're only $1, making each little individual package only $0.20, so I grabbed every package they had.

Piggly Wiggly

This store isn't in the overly nicest part of town, but some of their sale items are rock bottom and too good to pass up.

Piggly Wiggly brand canned vegetables & beans were on sale. I picked up plenty of vegetables at Target, so I focused on canned beans. At $0.50, they were quite a steal.


Campbell's Select Harvest canned soups were on sale for $1.52. I bought 6 cans and used two coupons for $1.50/3, bringing the price of these soups down to $1.02 each.

Del Monte canned vegetables were only $0.45 each! Cha-ching! I really packed the shopping cart with these. No, we won't eat them overnight. They'll become part of our food storage supply, and we'll work our way through these and rotate them out as I find other great sales on canned vegetables.

My son is eating us out of house & home when it comes to batteries. I find it hard to believe that every battery-operated contraption in his room has gone kapoot all at the same time! But Target bailed me out by putting batteries on sale for $7.99, so I grabbed AAA, AA, C & D packages. We'll see how long these last...!


I've been eye-balling the Snack Pack puddings for a long time. IGA seems to be the cheapest at $1.08 per 4-pk. But the deal got even better when they reduced the price down to $1/4pk! So I stock piled these. They definitely won't last long. I used 3 $1/4pk coupons, so after buying 12 4-pk's, I only paid $0.75 for each 4 pack.

Even our kitties won't miss out on a good deal. They eat dry cat food, but they love having some wet cat food as a little treat every so often. It's been awhile since I last bought some wet cat food, so they're going to go crazy when they see me dish some up for them. Each 4 pack was on sale for $1.49. I used a $1/3 coupon, bringing the cost down to $1.16 per pack.

Duncan Hines cake mixes were marked down to just $0.88 each!! I haven't seen this great a deal in who knows how long. I bought almost every flavor they had. No coupons used, but didn't really need them with such a fantastic deal.
Boxes of Stove Top stuffing mix were marked down to $0.78 each! I don't make this very often, but it's nice to have on-hand when I get in the mood to make something like Stuffed Pork Chops.

3lb bags of apples were marked down. Granny Smiths were $2.99 each, and Red Delicious apples were $2.49 each. I weighed each bag, and got the heaviest bags. They may be labled as 3lb bags, but that's the minimum weight they have to weigh. So when I buy bagged fruit or vegetables, I buy the heaviest bag, excluding any that have badly bruised, rotten or molded fruit, which I rarely find anyways. Both of these bags weighed nealy 4 pounds!! Definitely a bargain buy.

Finally, I stocked up on some bottled water, another food storage item I purchase little by little. 24pk cases 1/2 liter bottles of Deer Park were just $2.99. I bought two cases and used a $1/2 coupon, which made each case only $2.49 each.

The nice thing about the deals at IGA are that they are good through Thanksgiving, instead of expiring this past Saturday. I may go back and snag some more bargains. :)

What bargains have you found recently? Please share your experiences with a commen below!

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