Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cheap Family Fun: A Train Ride

Our little girl had a birthday roll around while we were on vacation in Texas recently. We try to do a fun activity with the kids for their special day--a trip to the aquarium, dinner at Chuck-E-Cheese, or something similar that we know they'll enjoy. We had a lot planned during our TX trip, but we set aside one day to take the kids to the San Antonio Zoo as a birthday activity for our little girl and her big brother.

If you're ever in the San Antonio area, you've got to take a trip to Brackenridge Park, where the San Antonio Zoo is located. Now I'm not trying to sell the zoo as a cheap family activity. I suppose it could be if you planned right (like bringing your own stroller or wagon for toting your little tykes, a cooler of drinks and a picnic lunch).

But the train ride at Brackenridge Park is a great opportunity to have some time together as a family without breaking your bank. It's located right outside the zoo entrance and has its own depot where you purchase your tickets. Kids under 3 are free (our daughter was just shy of her 3rd birthday when we took her so she was free!!). Tickets for older kids and adults are very inexpensive, just a few dollars per ticket.

The engineers are very friendly and knowledgeable, guiding you through the park and its history on the train ride. The ride itself lasts about 20 minutes, and it's definitely a nice break from the heat of the day and any walking you may have done if you went to the zoo.

My son is a train fanatic. He loves anything with wheels, but trains are definitely his favorite, so our train ride was definitely right up his alley!

The last time my daughter went on the train ride at Brackenridge Park, she was about 8 months old, so this was a real treat for her. She acted so grown-up like she knew exactly what would happen next around each turn of the tracks!

Say cheese, please! :)

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