Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's A Date!

With our busy schedules, my husband and I don't always get a chance to have one-on-one time away from the kids (aside from sitting on the couch in the evenings after the kids go to bed!). We try to plan a date night at least once a month. Sometimes the date is within our own home where we pop some popcorn and watch a movie. Sometimes we get a rare treat of a babysitter so we can get out of the house and do something together.

Tonight was definitely a rare treat. We took the opportunity to let my husband's younger brother watch the kids so hubs and I could go see a play. I actually forgot the name of the play we were seeing and went into the theatre expecting to see It's a Wonderful Life, only to realize just prior to the first scene that we were seing Miracle on 34th Street!

Sometimes, I really have to wonder about my mind. :) Must be "Mommy Brain" syndrome! lol

Anyhow, it was a great evening out, and we even went to Dairy Queen and got a blizzard. Yummm....!!


  1. I can so relate....but mine is grandmother brain:) Hope you enjoyed yourself. I just wanted to let you know that the link is up already for this week's Crock Pot Wednesday. I thought an early post would be better for Thanksgiving week. Thanks for joining in last week

  2. Awesome! Was it a good production? I like seeing plays. I used to like being involved in plays as well, but haven't done that since I was teenager. Oh so long ago now.

  3. LKM,
    It was a really nice play. The group who performed is Stage Struck, which is youth from 2nd-12th grades from several different schools. They did a fabulous job and I was very impressed. Their next performance is in the Spring, so we're thinking about that as an anniversary date since they'll both occur about the same time.

    Thanks for the invite to Crock Pot Wednesday. I'm happy to join in. :)


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