Sunday, November 15, 2009

Walgreens Rocks!

I had it all laid out Friday night--some last minute shopping before my freezer meal cooking day on Saturday, and there were a couple hot deals that I just couldn't pass up. One of my stops was Walgreens to get some baking supplies that I had manufacturer coupons for, plus Walgreens coupons, as well as a 12 pk of Cottonelle toilet tissue which I also had a coupon for.

I found everything that I needed, but sadly, they were all out of the Cottonelle toilet paper!

But then something completely unexpected happened.

An employee saw me looking around the toilet paper aisle. I was desperately looking for a package of toilet paper that might be hiding. This employee asked me if she could help me find something, and I told her that I was looking for the 12 pk of Cottonelle.

And you know what? She told me that she'd check the back!!

I've only had two places that have ever done that for me (at my request, mind you)--Target and Kmart.

NEVER, EVER has a store OFFERED to check the back!

My chin literally hit the floor.

Sadly, the employee came back and reported that they were indeed out of Cottonelle.

But then something else happened that I never expected--in fact, it's never happened to me anywhere.

The employee offered to let me buy another brand of toilet paper for the same discounted sale price as the Cottonelle. This wasn't a package of 6 rolls Walgreens brand. Nope. It was a big roll 12 pk (equals 24 rolls) of Quilted Northern. Now I couldn't use the Cottonelle manufacturer coupon because their computer would not recognize the match of the coupon with the product sale. But still, it was a great deal, and I was using a $5 Register Reward anyways, so I'd be saving a ton of money off my total bill.

So I said "yes" and got me a package of cheap T.P.!

And that's why, in my book, Walgreens rocks!

Makes me wonder what else I could trade for if they are out of what I'm looking for. :-D
Plus, it didn't hurt that I saved over $16 on my trip, too!


  1. I totally agree about Walgreens! I used to love CVS, but I hate all of their limits now and am still mad at them for not reprinting my ECBs after I was mugged. Once I figured out how Walgreens "works" I am totally hooked now!

  2. What a bummer that you never were able to get that ECB issue resolved. And knowing you, I'm sure you had quite a stack before the mugging! I'm still a loyal CVS-er, and even my little girl is a huge CVS fan. She requests to go to that place by name! I think it's because she likes saying "C-V-S." :)

    I'm still trying to figure out Walgreens. The register rewards typically are offered on items that I don't need or don't use, so it's difficult for me to earn any. I don't even know what I did to get the $5 RR that I used on my shopping trip a few days ago! But I'm still learning. :)


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