Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Frugal-Minded Husband

I can definitely tell that my frugal-mindedness has rubbed off. My husband has received several gift cards to Bass Pro Shops over the past year or so. He's been holding onto them like glue, waiting for the "perfect" deal to get.

After a trip to Charlotte (and to Bass Pro Shops) a couple weeks ago, he came home with a sausage stuffer and a couple packages of sausage mix. It was only a matter of time before he started cooking.

Since I went scrapbooking tonight and hubs would have some quiet time, he decided to try out the new sausage stuffer, seasoning packet and casings. I came home to a scent that was heavenly--it made my stomach growl!

He had several homemade summer sausage logs baking in the oven. I was ready to pull one out and dig in but managed to hold myself back so I could post a picture. :)

The reason this post is about a frugal-minded husband is because our family has appetizer-type food for dinner Christmas Eve each year. Those store-bought summer sausage logs are expensive! But not this year. The sausage stuffer and supplies were free since hubs used his gift cards, so the only real out of pocket expense was some ground pork and ground beef that he bought earlier today, which amounted to about $7. He made 5 summer sausages, and since a summer sausage usually costs well over $5 apiece...well, you do the math. Cha-ching, savings!

Did I mention that hubs cleaned up all the sausage stuffer equipment so I didn't have to?!! I guess that I've taught him well!

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