Monday, February 8, 2010

Bargain Buys

It had been a couple weeks since my last shopping trip. We were in need of some staples, and there were lots of items on sale that were worth stocking up on. Here are some highlights from my shopping trip this past Saturday:

Food Lion:
You can find these Food & Family booklets in the front of the Food Lion stores right now. They are filled with healthy recipes, fitness tips, and--best of all--over $5 in coupons for Kraft products that don't expire until 12/31/2010! I couldn't help myself and grabbed several booklets. Note that the coupons do state "one coupon per customer, per day".

Also at Food Lion: Smart Option gallon-size milk is only $2.25 each! How cheap is that?!!

Piggly Wiggly:
Piggly Wiggly is well-known for their meat. The store closest to me is in a rather rough neighborhood, but when there are bargains like this, I ain't scared to round up the deals! Plus, this is the only store in my area that will actually carry out my groceries, and the employees are extremely friendly.

Chicken leg quarters, sold in 10lb bags, were on sale for $3.99 each. That is just $0.399 per pound! If I knew that I had enough room in my chest freezer, then I would have bought 3 or 4 bags. I normally buy these when they are in the $0.48-$0.55/lb range, so I definitely got a bargain this time. Rather than wait for this month's freezer meal cooking day to roll around in a couple of weeks (by the way, I am contemplating what my menu will be), I will just put these leg quarters in a large crockpot, set it to low, and let the meat cook up until it falls off the bone, then I'll turn around and use the bones to make homemade chicken broth, which I've run out of. I'll freeze the cooked meat. This will save me from spending a lot of time in the kitchen on my once a month cooking day.
Also at Piggly Wiggly--Mueller's elbow macaroni & spaghetti was on sale for $0.33 each, and Piggly Wiggly brand brown gravy mix was only $0.10 each. We don't eat a lot of pasta (maybe a few times a month...?) but it's nice to have on-hand, especially for such a low price. And we don't eat a lot of brown gravy, but again, for the price, it's worth stocking up on so it's there if I need it.

One final item worth mentioning. I've been in need of a new "lather thingie" (there was a comercial nearly 15 years ago of a burly football player using one of these in the shower, and that's what he called it...the term has stuck with me ever since) but putting off buying one. Target had a nice purple-colored one in the dollar section. But Little Miss, who was out shopping with me, dragged me to the make-up aisle to show me some pretty lip gloss that caught her eye. I didn't buy any of the lip gloss, but I did snag this hot pink lather thingie priced at only $0.68!

What about you? What bargains have you picked up lately? Feel free to post a comment and share your recent shopping trip. I'm always looking for inspiration!


  1. No great deal shopping, my trips have been fairly planned out to get what we needed. I would love the space for a few of those chicken quarter bags!!
    I however am struggling with coupons it is not working out great yet.Many of the coupons that I choose and/or get are items that my stores don't carry (yet) but they do after the coupon expires..:(

  2. I know how that goes with the coupons. I live in a rural town and the grocery stores are overpriced, for the most part, and they don't carry the items that I have coupons for, or they're not on sale like in other areas...the list goes on. But I do what I can! :)


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