Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To-Do Tuesday: Week 4

I'm doing a terrible job getting up at my goal wake-up time in the mornings, 5:30am. It just isn't happening as I would like. I can do 6am, regardless of what time I fall asleep, whether it's 10pm, 11pm, or even 3am like when I was on a recent scrapbooking retreat. But my body protests and will not cooperate when it comes to 5:30am. It's only 30 minutes earlier than 6am, so how come it's so hard? Still, it's a desperate goal of mine, and I'll keep plugging at it until I get it right.

I'm taking off the "put away Christmas decorations" goal. It's still on the back burner, but it'll just happen when it happens. My husband has tore about the house with this kitchen remodel. Don't get me wrong, the kitchen is really coming along and looking great. But nearly every available inch of space has been taken over with cabinet doors, paint, small kitchen appliances, dishes...you name it. It's all in the way. And now I can't even pull down the attic door & steps because there's furniture taking up space in our hallway underneath. Maybe one day...

So aside from that, here's the list for this week.
  • √Sweep / mop floors that aren't covered with construction chaos.
  • √Pray, pray, pray about goal to get up super early in the morning, and understand and accept the fact that although it is very hard for me, I know I can do it and it will happen eventually.
  • √Try not to panic at the utter chaos my house has turned into. It was always thus. When hubs gets into a remodel project, the rest of the house suffers until the project nears completion...things will get better...soon...
  • √Make picture & word labels for the kids' storage containers, totes, bookshelf & toy boxes. I don't think we'll actually get their room cleaned up this week, but at least the labels will be a start. With the kitchen & dining room in utter chaos, the kids' room has also gotten really bad. I was out of town for a few days on a retreat, and hubs allowed the kids to do their fair share of destroying the serenity and peace of the house. The kids' room is usually not "that bad" but with the house being in a state of uproar, it's too much to keep up with the kids & their chores as well.

I'm going to leave it at that for now. I've got a lot of things floating around in my head that I want to do, but I know that I can't get to it all. Kinda of like the Christmas tree.

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  1. Girl, I only just started with the Christmas decorations, mainly because they're getting broken by staying out! :( So I began a box to put it all in, but haphazardly right now. I swear I hope they don't all bust before I get 'em down!

    Meanwhile, I'm playing catch up. We were almost all sick last week, and I fell asleep last night before I got my list up. Soooo behind.

    I hope your week is going okay so far! (BTW, I can't do 5:30 either LOL)

  2. Lucky you. Hubs finally did me right and took the tree down last night after I had gone to bed. Funny thing is the tree is now sitting on half of our couch, and the ornaments have become a centerpieceon the dining table. (guess that's my cue to box everything up!)


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