Monday, February 22, 2010

To-Do Tuesday: Week 7

I didn't do such a good job of sticking to my list last week. I completely blew off anything garden-related. Hubs and the kids ganged up on me for our FHE night and decided that we would play board games instead of going through our seeds and doing some early planting. Play before work? Who ever heard of such a concept?!! :) But just because I'm not always able to accomplish every little item on my task list doesn't get me down. I let this be a guide to help me accomplish certain projects that need to get done...if not now, then eventually. I also have to take into consideration that I work full-time, have two little ones, and a high-maintenance hubby, and between the both of us, hubs and I have a lot of commitments & responsibilities. So although I may play something this week, thinking I'll get to it, it may actually be several weeks down the road before I'm able to add the project back to the To-Do List again.

Now, on to the list! (A very short one this week!)
  • √Re-declutter & re-cleanup the house to get ready for company for dinner Thursday night. I'm going through some serious deja vu here. I just did this when my aunt came to visit less than 2 weeks ago! But when Mommy's at work all day, the kids & even the hubs tend to turn everything upside down. It doesn't help that I abhor (literally, I loathe) having to clean up after someone else. Are ya' with me on that? Seriously, pick up after yourselves! Not you, readers, I'm talking about other members of this household who shall remain nameless at this time but they know who they are! ;)
  • √Go on a girls' night out and scrapbook 'til I drop, or at least until Midnight, Friday night. I just found out about this one today, so that means hubs & the kids will be on their own for dinner.
  • √Date night with hubs Saturday night!

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  1. Play before work is awesome :) I'm so proud of you, look at that list, way to go! :)


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