Sunday, February 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday--2/8-2/14/10

Another busy week for us coming up, as usual. Menu planning has been a definite life saver (thank you, Laura, for MPM!!). No more playing the "what's for dinner?" game each night. :)

Here's the menu plan for our family this week. I try to make a homemade breakfast at least once on the weekend. Recipes for the dinners will be posted throughout the week, so stay tuned & check back often. :)

Monday--Lasagna Casserole, Fruit Salad, Squash
Mondays are our weekly "Family Home Evening" or FHE night. This evening, we will make Valentine's for the kids' school, grandparents & great-grandparents.

I have to work late this day due to a conference call that was scheduled late in the afternoon (literally, I'm supposed to get off at 5pm, and the conference call was scheduled 5-6pm). Young Women's weekly Mutual night is at 6:30, and since I am serving as the Secretary in the YW presidency, I should go. Because of working late, I would probably miss dinner under normal circumstances, but fortunately, the Mutual activity is called Pig Etiquette, and they will be serving sloppy joes. Yes! Not because there will be sloppy joes, but because I'll get to eat! Hubs will get to make dinner for him & the kids, since I'll head straight to Mutual after work. I think I'll have him make Goulash and ask him to take pictures so I can still post the recipe.

Wednesday--Chicken Stew, Rolls
Hubs has a meeting at church this evening. Fortunately, it should be a snap to get dinner on the table before he needs to leave, since this is a slow cooker meal turned into a freezer meal. I'll have hubs pop the rolls into the oven so they'll be ready shortly after I get home, and the stew can quickly be heated up as well.

Thursday--Crispy Mustard Pork Chops, Sautee'd Cabbage, Peas

Friday--Beef Medallions, Broccoli, Corn

My cousin, the Marine, got married just a couple days ago. He is stationed at Cherry Point, which isn't too far from us. He and his new bride are having a wedding celebration, and my aunt is coming up from Texas to be there and visit. I have no clue what the details of the celebration are (where, when), so depending on the final details, we'll either eat at the wedding celebration, or eat when we come home.

Breakfast: Corn Cakes & Orange Julius
Dinner: Potato Pizza, Carrot Sticks
Valentine's Day!! No big plans for hubs and me (after all, it's also the Daytona 500), but I will prepare one of his favorite supper dishes that I don't make very often.

For hundreds, and I do mean hundreds, of menu plan options, visit!

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